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Why Petik Ide?

  • We want you to grow with us! With Petik Ide, you will have access to tools and resources, and are encouraged to continue learning about our businesses and invest time into areas you find interesting and exciting.

  • We work with clients across the Asia-Pacific region. This will present you with opportunities to meet and collaborate with clients from different industries and backgrounds to create exciting projects.

  • Work from Anywhere. This gives you the ability and flexibility to set up a workspace and be productive at a location that is ideal for the task at hand according to the tools, resources, technology, and flexibility at your disposal.

Join Our Team!

For temporary staff/ project based, please submit your resume to with subject temporary staff/ project based 


For internship, please submit your resume to with subject internship

The Hiring Process

1. Submit your application. Follow the directions provided for applying for your desired position and submit all the required paperwork. To find out more about our business and its values, we encouraged you to look at our previous work.

2. Interviews & test assignments. You may receive an email to schedule a virtual interview (up to two rounds, depending on the role) after internal revision of your application. You can also be required to complete a test assignment that will allow you to demonstrate your skills and creativity.

3. Job offering and hiring. You will receive an email with our decision once we've carefully examined your test and application. 

4.  Onboarding. A mentor will assist you if you have received a formal job offer to guarantee a smooth transfer. Welcome to the team!

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